Francisco Tennis coach
Mark Kilpatrick

Mark Kilpatrick

From Resort Employee to Fully Booked Freelance Coach in 6-months


  • We helped coach Francisco turn his outdated traffic-less website into a client-generating machine.
  • Francisco went from being a struggling resort employee to a full-time booked-out freelance tennis coach.
  • Has now trained some well-known celebrities.
  • Hired an assistant to help him with booked clients.
  • Gets invited to run several tennis academies for young players.


Francisco is a professional tennis coach who has been working for resorts in Playa del Carmen Mexico for more than 15 years. He helps tennis players of all ages and skill levels to become better players and enjoy the game more.


Francisco wanted to build a freelance tennis coaching business. He was tired of working for resorts, he sought to establish himself as an independent coach. Unfortunately, his website looked more like a CV than a professional site, and it was majorly outdated. It generated no traffic and freelance clients were non-existent.


To help Francisco achieve his dream of establishing himself as a freelance coach, Mark Kilpatrick Consulting created a modern website with valuable content that included a blog and video section. We also set up a booking page so visitors could schedule lessons with Francisco online.


After six months, Francisco was fully booked out as a freelance tennis coach and had to hire an assistant to attend to his clients. He now gives new clients to other coaches because he has too many bookings to handle on his own!


His advice for other coaches? “If you want to be successful, you need a website that ranks high, looks professional, and shows your experience.”

“The website is an investment that has paid for itself many times over,” says Francisco.

Francisco is thrilled with his website. It’s been 4 years since we worked together, and the site still brings him, new clients, every week.

His assistant still helps him manage all of his bookings—Francisco still has so many that he often refers clients to other coaches and even runs small tennis academies.

We are so happy to help Francisco achieve his dream of becoming a full-time freelance coach. We know that setting out to create your own business can be intimidating. Our hope is that you’ll experience the same type of results using our website and online marketing services.

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