Lead with Value First in Business
Mark Kilpatrick

Mark Kilpatrick

How to Grow Your Business: Always Lead with Value First

Your business is your livelihood. It’s how you make a living, how you support your family, and how you make sure that your employees are taken care of.

That’s why it’s so important to make sure that everything you do in your business shows value to your clients first and foremost.

What is value to you? Everybody values different things.

One of the most important things to remember when leading with value is that not everyone values the same thing.

You can’t expect people to value the same things at the same time in the same way, or even all year round; we do change as we get older, after all. If you want your business to succeed and continue thriving, you need to take this into consideration and make sure that your customers are happy with what you offer them.

Finding what’s of value to your clients and giving it to them

Value is a perception, not a fact. Value is subjective and relative to the individual. Value can be tangible or intangible, rational or irrational, quantifiable or unquantifiable.

Value is not always monetary – your clients may pay dearly for your service but derive no value from it whatsoever! And conversely there are many examples of people paying nothing for services that they value highly.

The relationship between you and your clients is the key to keeping your business afloat.

While you might be tempted to think that your business is all about the money, the truth is that it’s still about the people. The relationship you have with your clients and customers determines how successful your business will be.

In fact, if there are any two things that can determine a company’s success or failure, they are relationships and value. And while it’s true that every client wants to get a good deal from you, what they really want is perceived value—and this comes from how well they perceive themselves as being served by your product or service.

Your product or service should be easy for clients to understand, and it should be presented in a way that shows why it’s valuable and expresses towards those whom it’s valuable for.

Clients want clarity. Clients need clarity. Clients want their problems solved, and they need to understand how your product or service will solve them.

Your product or service should be easy for clients to understand, and it should be presented in a way that shows why it’s valuable and expresses towards those whom it’s valuable for.

It may seem obvious, but as a business owner, it can often be difficult to do this well while still keeping in mind what needs to happen behind the scenes of your business in sales, fulfillment, and marketing!

A client who feels like you’re being sincere about providing a solution for their problem is more likely to keep coming back to you.

When you are able to identify the problem, you can start by providing a solution.

When you provide a solution that is valuable to your client, then they will be more likely to keep coming back. And this is true for any business:

  • A good consultant understands what their clients need and provides them with a solution that meets those needs.
  • A great lawyer explains fully the legal process and how it works so that their client understands what they’re getting into and feels comfortable making important decisions about their case.
  • An excellent salesperson makes sure that their clients understand what products or services they offer before making any sales pitch.
  • A great store owner constantly examines what they sell, and who they sell to, and searches for new opportunities in sub-markets that they can serve with their brands and products.

Value isn’t just about what your product or service costs, it’s also about how you sell and deliver it.

If you’re going to be a great seller, then you have to be an honest, sincere person. You have to focus on your client’s needs, not yours.

If your product or service doesn’t solve the client’s problem (or at least address their pain points), don’t sell them on it. Focus instead on helping them find a solution that actually works for them—and their business.

Also, remember that value isn’t just about what your product or service costs; it’s also about how you sell and deliver that product or service—which means being transparent about what it does and how it works; clear about what you can do for your client; sincere in everything from the way you speak with potential clients all the way through closing deals; genuine in every interaction with potential customers… And so much more.

In summary

Value is a powerful concept. It’s the reason why people buy from you instead of your competitors. It’s the reason why people recommend you to their friends and family. And it’s because of value that clients will keep coming back for more! But what does “value” mean exactly? Well, as we all know it means different things to different people. So if you’re looking for more business and being able to serve different clients and more clients then you need to constantly examine what is relevant to them, and what is of greater value to them.

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