Mark Kilpatrick is a Business Consultant & Marketing Strategy Expert who credits his success to chance, curiosity, and continual knowledge and profound insights received from working with different businesses in a multitude of industries.

In 2008, Mark was a university qualified graphic designer and seeking employment – without success. He entered university in the field of Graphic design solely on the promise of being granted a job in print and graphical type work. At the time graphic designers were in demand. On his successful graduation from university, the market was flooded with graphic designers and lots of unemployed people seeking due to the financial crisis – jobs were scarce.
A chance encounter with entrepreneur named Alister Gates who was looking to expand his digital marketing website business, lead to a turning point in his life. He lacked fundamental web coding skills for the job (technical knowledge). Mark offered to train and work with Alister for 4 weeks for free with a review for future employment – which he sealed. For the first time Mark used the art of leverage and risk reversal to create an opportunity to be mentored. He worked as the web designer for 1 year and 5 months and move with Alister into his new business of NZ export and trade.

‘I was offered a position as business development manager. This position was a pivotal point in my career, as day to day I met with CEO and marketing managers from different industries who shared their wealth of knowledge and expertise on how they optimized their sale process and innovated their marketing as well as getting up close and personal with big players in key industries.’ says Mark.

A year later Alisters NZ export and trade business was sold, which concluded 3 years of working under mentorship with Alister. In those years Mark amassed a huge amount of valuable business marketing and sales knowledge. His journey lead him to become a digital marketing freelancer, which transitioned into becoming a business marketing and advertising consultant, a business partner, a teacher and mentor to a new generation of entrepreneurs, hungry for business knowledge.