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Mark Kilpatrick

Mark Kilpatrick

The Old Ways of Advertising Are Still Relevant Today

Advertising is a lot different nowadays than it was back in the Mad Men era. While most brands are moving more into digital, there’s still a place for traditional advertising. Here, we’ll explore how the old ways of advertising are relevant and important today.

What the hell is an “Old Way” of advertising, anyway?

The old ways of advertising are those that were used before the internet and social media existed. When people were bombarded with print ads that took up entire pages in newspapers and magazines, or billboards on the sides of roads.

It was a time when brands could only get their message out through these types of mediums—and they had to make sure it was good enough to stick out from the crowd.

In the age of digital, it’s tempting to think that the old ways of advertising are irrelevant. But they still apply.

The old ways of advertising are still important because they’re timeless. They’ve stood the test of time, and they still work today.

Why is advertising important?

Advertising is a powerful tool for getting your business noticed. It can be used to bring attention to your brand, make a name for yourself, get the word out about what you do and make people aware of who you are.

Advertising has been known to drive business growth since the dawn of time when cavemen started using rocks as currency. Advertising works by amplifying our small business marketing efforts and reaching potential customers with targeted messaging that converts them into paying customers. It’s important because it helps us reach new clients and build relationships with existing ones in ways we might not otherwise be able to do through other channels such as social media or direct mail campaigns alone.

How advertising is changing

Advertising has changed over time. It’s been affected by technology, the internet, social media and mobile devices—but the principle of advertising effectiveness has not changed.

Mobile devices are playing a big role in how people consume media and interact with brands today. Smartphones are constantly in our hands, so it makes sense that we want to see ads on these devices too. And advertisers have taken notice—in fact, mobile advertising reach over $58 billion in 2020 according to eMarketer!

The importance of old-fashioned advertising

Advertising is still a powerful way to get your message across. It’s not just about getting people to buy a product, it’s also a good way to get feedback and make sure you are making the right products in the first place.

The best advertising gets people’s attention, whether they’re on the highway or casually browsing Facebook. The key is finding your target audience and using an interesting approach that will resonate with them—and hopefully make them think about purchasing your product or service as soon as possible!

The place for old and new advertising

The place for old and new advertising is different for every business. The same holds true for the products being sold. For some businesses, old advertising methods are more effective than new ones. For other businesses, the opposite is true.

It’s important to understand that no matter what type of business you’re in, there will be times when an old advertising method is more effective than a new one. And there will also be times when a newer advertising method is more effective than an older one.

What is the most effective?

To determine what is the most effective, you need to first define effectiveness. There are many different definitions of this word, but we’re going to use a simple one: ads that work.

That’s it. Ads that work. Just because an ad is creative doesn’t mean it’s good or that people like it—it just means the creator thought it was clever or funny or whatever else went into making their ad “creative.”

In order to truly determine what makes an ad effective, companies should be looking at how well their campaigns work in relation to how much they cost and do they get results? This can be anything from sales numbers or social shares/ likes/ retweets; however, these aren’t always useful metrics for determining whether something is successful or not because there are many factors involved (e.g., time frame). These metrics should only be used as indicators of whether something has potential to show success based on its current performance relative with other similar campaigns out there now (or historically).

Advertising has changed over the years, but there’s still a place for traditional methods.

The methods of advertising have changed over the years, but there’s still a place for traditional methods. It’s true that most companies have moved away from using billboards and print ads as their main source of advertising. Print ads are still popular and effective, but online advertising has become the most popular form of mass marketing.

However, there are some companies who still use traditional forms of advertising to reach customers (and build brand loyalty). McDonalds is one example—they’ve been around since 1940 and are still going strong today because they haven’t forgotten about their original customer base: families with kids! They know how important it is for parents to feel like McDonalds offers foods that their kids will like while also providing healthy options; this is why they place special emphasis on promoting Happy Meals every year during the holidays when families get together for Thanksgiving dinner or Christmas Eve celebrations (or just any weekend meal).


When it comes to advertising, there’s one thing that never changes: The need to get customers to notice your product or service. And the best, most effective way of doing this is by showing them how it will improve their lives.

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