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Mark Kilpatrick

Mark Kilpatrick


I love being a participant in small business owners growing their companies. It’s what I’ve done in the past as a consultant.

It’s another way of income other than being the creator of your own business or partner in a business.

And today we are going to discuss delegation of marketing and other activities within your business or company.

Why Do You Want To Grow?

You need growth. Growth is good for you, your customers and your community.

Growth is necessary because if your business doesn’t grow it will eventually go away.

Your company will either be growing or not growing. Nothing stays the same forever in business; you are either expanding or contracting.

If you think about it from a customer and client perspective: how many products do they use that haven’t changed in 20 years?

How many stores have been around since they were children? These companies have all been able to adapt with time while still maintaining their core values and mission statements (something I highly recommend).

If You’re Doing It All, What Are The Downsides?

As the owner of your own business, you have a lot on your plate. There are the day-to-day operations, of course, but then there is also marketing and sales to worry about.

If things are done right, it will be a constant cycle of putting together marketing campaigns and sales funnels that bring in new customers while keeping existing ones happy.

If you were doing everything yourself (and trying not to burn out), this would be fine.

But if you need help with some aspects or all of these tasks — which most people do — then delegation could be just the thing needed to take off some steam so that they can focus on other important things like product development or customer service (or maybe even just relaxing).

Who Else Do You Have On The Team?

If you have a team, whether it’s one person or five, the likelihood is that there are team members who have the skills to take on some of your marketing tasks.

You may not be able to delegate all of your responsibilities, but there are likely some elements of them you can hand over to others on the team.

Make a list of all the market tasks and activities that need doing. The more specific and clear this is, the easier it will be for them to work with you in a collaborative way.

If they don’t know exactly what they need to do and how they should go about doing it, then things won’t run smoothly!

What Are Some Ways You Can Delegate Marketing?

There are many ways you can delegate your marketing. Here’s a look at some of them:

  • Marketing automation tools. These allow you to set up automated messages and campaigns that automate your outreach, allowing you to spend less time doing repetitive tasks such as sending out emails and creating content. You can also use these tools for A/B testing or personalization, so that each recipient receives the most relevant message possible for them.
  • Marketing agencies and virtual assistants. Once you’re ready to grow your business (or if it has already grown), it may make sense for you to hire someone from outside of your company who specializes in marketing—such as an agency or a virtual assistant—to help with various tasks related to marketing efforts like email marketing campaigns, social media management, web design/development projects related directly within the scope of their specialization while still providing guidance where needed based upon their expertise level which depends upon how much experience they have working within this field before deciding whether or not we should hire someone else instead).

How Do You Know If Your Marketing Is Working?

The very first thing you have to do is figure out what your goals are. If you don’t know where you’re trying to go, how can anyone else help?

This means that if you want to increase sales for example, it’s not enough just to say “increase sales.” You have to say things like this:

  • “How many customers have we lost over the past two years?”
  • “What was our average order value last year compared with this year?”
  • “How much money did the company bring in last year compared with this year?”

And so on. The answers will give you a pretty good idea of whether or not marketing activities are working or not.

Note: If you don’t know these numbers and other sales-related statistics then you need to do this first before even thinking about outsourcing or finding a consultant to help you.

Now once you’ve got some specific metrics defined and set up measuring systems for them (e.g., if one of your goals is increasing revenue over two years by 10%, then every month take a look at how much revenue has grown), then it’s time for step two: budgeting!

If there’s no money involved somewhere along the way then nothing ever gets done! So be sure before starting any campaigns that someone has allocated funds for these initiatives—and preferably only those initiatives—because otherwise, everything becomes too confusing fast!

Does Your Company Need More Leads Than It Can Handle?

There are two types of companies: the ones that need more leads and the ones that don’t. Let’s just look at the first type of company.

If your business is not growing as quickly as you want it to, or if you can’t find enough new customers for your product, then we need to talk about delegation because this will help you get more leads and sales.

It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a single new client or 100 clients. If you want them badly enough, then delegation is something that can help immensely in getting more leads and sales than what you currently have today.

Incremental growth is good; explosive growth is better.

Incremental growth is good. It’s safe, and steady and it allows you to grow at your own pace.

But explosive growth is better.

Forget the old adage that “slow and steady wins the race.” Slow and steady can get you only so far before you hit a wall or plateau—and then what?

But if you’re willing to take some risks, there’s no reason why your business couldn’t see explosive growth in three months or less! You might not like taking risks though; I know I didn’t at first.

Does your empathy and understanding of the marketplace get clearly expressed in the marketing you get others to do for you?

  • Does your empathy and understanding of the marketplace get clearly expressed in the marketing you get others to do for you?
  • Are you able to describe what it is that makes your company unique or different? In other words, how do you differentiate yourself from other providers in your industry (and if necessary, how can you create a compelling value proposition)? It’s not clearly defined in your business? Then you need to either discover it first and/or clearly define and know this before moving forward.
  • Do those who do your marketing for your business understand your marketplace? If not then it will be superficial and ineffective. Spend time to make sure that they are immersed infield and not just understanding how you sell but understanding your mindset and intention on behalf of your client.


Hopefully, we’ve given you some ideas about how to delegate your marketing. It may be hard to let go at first. But once you see how well it works for your business, it will be much easier!

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