Mark Kilpatrick

Mark Kilpatrick

The Fallacy of Greatness

In the movie “Whiplash”, a young drummer named Andrew struggles to become one of the greatest drummers in the world. To his mentor, Fletcher suggests that Andrew is capable of greatness, but he must practice harder and longer than anyone else.

He needs to be willing to put in more hours than anyone else if he wants to succeed at his chosen craft. This philosophy applies not only to music but also business and life in general: you have to be dedicated if you want success. But what does it mean to be great? What is greatness to you?

Greatness is different to everybody

Greatness is different to everybody. We all have our own version of greatness, and it’s very important that we understand what this means to us individually so that we can be great in the areas where we need to be great.

You can still be amazing at work but not so good at home or vice versa. You could also choose to be better in one area rather than great, which is entirely up to you as well. The choice is yours!

Most people don’t know their own greatness because they haven’t uncovered it yet or haven’t uncovered it fully enough yet; therefore, they’re often times missing out on life opportunities because they don’t know how big their potential really is! It’s all about uncovering yourself first before anyone else can do this for you…and once it happens…it will create change.

But most people don’t know, what greatness looks like, feels like, and is expressed in your life

But most people don’t know, what greatness looks like, feels like, and is expressed in your life. You can’t be successfully great until you know what greatness is compared to mediocrity. It’s a continuum that runs from average to exceptional. And it’s up to you to determine where you fall on that spectrum.

The good news is that when people first hear about this idea of “greatness versus mediocrity,” they often get excited because they realize they’re surrounded by people who are stuck in mediocrity and are ready for something better. But then things get tricky if we ask them: What does great look like? How will I know if I’m doing it right? What am I supposed to do differently than these other people?

You can’t be successfully great until you know what greatness is compared to mediocrity. Most people don’t know the contrast.

The problem with most people is that they don’t know what greatness looks like. They don’t know what success feels like. And they certainly don’t know the difference between being successful and being mediocre.

You can’t be successful until you know what greatness is compared to mediocrity. Most people don’t know the contrast, so they’ll spend their entire lives chasing after things that aren’t real, and then wonder why nothing ever changes in their lives (or if it does change, it’s usually for worse).

Everybody has different greatnesses, often they don’t realize them

There are many different kinds of greatnesses, but they all fall into a few categories. In order to fully understand your greatness and how to achieve it, you must first know what kind of greatness you want for yourself.

Greatness can be defined as:

  • Having an impact on the world around us
  • Creating something beautiful or meaningful through our actions and/or words
  • Being someone who helps others achieve their dreams and goals in life

If we don’t know what our greatness is, then it’s impossible for us to get closer to achieving it by working towards that goal each day.

How to spot your own greatness

  • Where do you wish to be great in your life? Do you want to be a great husband? Do you want to be a great father or mother to your kids? Do you want to be great in finance, in business? You must choose where to be great.
  • Know what greatness looks like. We often need examples to know what it looks like. Manifested in action, in attitudinal ways, in movement, in words and motion.
  • Know what greatness feels like. How does it feel to be great?
  • Know what greatness is expressed in your life (If it’s not already)

Dedication to greatness

Greatness is a constant journey. It requires a lot of discipline and focus, but it can be achieved by anyone who is willing to dedicate themselves to their own growth.

Greatness is not just about being the best in your field or excelling at one skill. Greatness is about being a whole person, someone who contributes positively to the world around you and has control over his or her life.

Greatness: Overcome fear and doubt

The greatest obstacle that prevents us from attaining greatness is fear. We allow it to paralyze us and prevent us from achieving our full potential. Fear is a part of life, but you must overcome it if you want to be great.

When you overcome fear, nothing can stand in your way of achieving greatness. You will experience the benefits of overcoming fear by:

  • feeling less stressed because you know that there are things in life that you do not need to worry about
  • being able to focus on what is important instead of worrying about things that may never happen

Greatness: Responsive to adversity and challenge

Greatness comes from a willingness to face adversity and challenge head on. Great people are not afraid of what they don’t know, nor do they take offense when learning something new. They see each setback as an opportunity to grow, rather than as an excuse to give up.

Greatness is not achieved by avoiding difficulty—it is achieved by overcoming difficulty! That doesn’t mean that greatness requires you to be perfect—only that great people have the ability to use their imperfections as tools for self-improvement, rather than excuses for failure or mediocrity.

Greatness: Awareness of surroundings and self

True greatness is not the mere realization of having a better house, car, or job than someone else. True greatness is not the pursuit of material wealth and possessions alone. True greatness is the awareness that comes with being able to gaze inward at yourself and your surroundings, then choose where you want to go from there. True greatness is knowing that at any given moment in time, we’re all just one thought away from changing our lives forever.

Nurture others to greatness as well.

Nurture others to greatness as well.

The importance of being a positive role model and the importance of being a positive influence can’t be overstated. Your work ethic, attitude, and perseverance are all qualities that you should be proud of—and share with others when possible. Be the kind of person who thrives on challenges instead of letting them get the best of him or her; this will have an impact on those around you in both positive and negative ways.

A great example is that if your mentor has taught you how to be more productive in whatever field you work in (like writing), then it would be good for you to share these lessons with others who may need help with their own workloads or goals for improvement at work or school. You don’t necessarily have to become someone else’s mentor outright; just sharing what knowledge might help another person achieve success could go far enough!


What I’ve learned about greatness is that there is no one definition or one way to achieve it. It’s unique to each person and their own experiences. However, there are some common themes that can help you find your greatness–the key is being open and receptive to the messages around us all the time!

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